The Scottish SPCA is looking for a home for a special dog in its care, a black Labrador cross, called Winston.

The charity have been caring for Winston for almost six months and he is now ready to be rehomed after months of care and rehabilitation at the Ayrshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

The one-year-old crossbreed arrived as a troubled and worried young dog who was nervous of everyone but has since grown in confidence around the staff at the centre.

Centre manager Marion Hainey said, “Winston has shown us he is a lovely boy but he does still have some issues and will need an experienced owner.

“The poor lad hasn’t had the best start in life and this has caused him to be fearful of people, men in particular.

“He may not warm to his new owners straight away as he is still very wary of strangers. Anyone wanting to rehome Winston will need to live in the Ayrshire area as we will need to bring him to visit any potential new owner in their garden.

“An owner will need to be knowledgeable about dogs with behaviour issues such as nervous aggression and they need to be able to read his body language so they can recognise when he is uncomfortable.

“We have seen how much he has progressed over the last few months and how affectionate and fun he can be. He adores being outdoors and will need plenty of exercise. He loves to explore and sniff everything.

“We feel that in the right home with training and a lot of love, he will make a wonderful and loyal companion.”

Anyone wanting to find out more about Winston or to apply to rehome him should visit here.