The Police Scotland national recruitment team, supported by local officers, will be hosting an online recruitment event on Thursday, 18 March between 6.30pm -8.30pm.

The force is eager to hear from people who are interested in becoming a police officer or special constable in the Scottish Borders area, or who are keen to move to the Borders area to work.

Police Scotland. Photo: © 2021, Martin P. McAdam

The event will cover the recruitment process, the training involved and the opportunities that are available once the probationary training is completed.

It will be held on Microsoft Teams.  We ask those wanting to take part to email their names and the event date to

Chief Inspector Vincent Fisher, Local Area Commander for Scottish Borders said: “I would urge anyone interested in joining Police Scotland as a police officer or a special constable to take part in our online recruitment event on Thursday, 18 March.  We will cover the eligibility criteria and highlight the opportunities that are available to you.  You can speak to the people in those roles who can tell you what their job entails and ask any questions.”

The division has recently benefitted from an additional eight recruits.

These include Constable Vicky Notman, aged 33 years, who will be based at Galashiels. She said: “I have always had an interest in joining Police Scotland since a young age and I have a lot of admiration for police officers. I have loved working with the public in my previous jobs and I am excited to face new challenges and help keep my local community safe”

Constable Gavin McCraw, aged 48 years, who will be based at Hawick said:  “I am re-joining the police service after a break of over 25 years!  I originally joined at 19-years-old, but later left to start my own business.  I think that the experience and life skills I can bring will really help me.

“I don’t feel age is any barrier to joining Police Scotland, in fact, I believe that in our more diverse and changing society, life experience is a valuable asset.”

Constable Robbie Reilly, aged 22 years, who will be based at Hawick said: “I am excited to work with the experienced officers in the Scottish Borders area and help make the local communities as safe as possible for the people who live and work there.  I am also looking forward to the different challenges I will face in this rewarding career.”

Chief Inspector Vincent Fisher added: “I am delighted to welcome these eight new officers on Wednesday, 24 March. This is the first time that all our new recruits are from the local area, so they already have great local knowledge which will stand them in great stead.  I am sure that they are now really looking forward to being mentored by experienced officers in Hawick and Galashiels who will guide them through the next stage of their training.  They will quickly become valued members of our local policing team and I am confident that they will rise to any challenges.   I wish them every success in their policing career.”