The Scottish Liberal Democrats are holding a virtual conference this weekend.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie used his speech to tell delegates that the party will put the recovery from the pandemic first at the forthcoming election and make a plea to voters from across the political spectrum who care about mental health, education, jobs and climate change, including those who have voted for the SNP in the past, to test out the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

fbpic- Scottish Parliament Holyrood. Willie Rennie MSP Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader during Topical Questions at the Covid-19 social distancing Scottish Parliament.
Poolphoto/Fraser Bremner/Scottish Daily Mail Tuesday 23 June 2020. Picture FRASER BREMNER (date taken)23.06.2020(digital image) tel 07976 414 878 email

Mr Rennie said: “Everyone deserves the opportunity to work hard and build a good life for themselves, their family and their community.  

“Everyone deserves to be paid a fair wage, to afford a home and to be able to use good public services.  

“But for many, that’s not the reality today. 

“People are working hard; they’re playing their part, whether that means taking care of their family, earning their degree, or working to afford their rent or their mortgage.  

“And yet too many are trapped by a lack of opportunity. 

“Liberal Democrats are on your side. 

“Liberal Democrats will have a needle-sharp focus on investment in thousands of decent jobs, high quality education, good mental health services and tackling the climate emergency. 

“And we want Scotland to have a bigger say in the UK through reform of our country. 

“If you are tired of the SNP fighting, and disappointed by what they have achieved, then why not try the Liberal Democrats at this election. 

“Test us out.  

“What have you got to lose? 

“If you back the SNP, they will just carry on regardless. 

“If the SNP get a big majority, they will carry on unchecked and out of control.  

“With my Liberal Democrats there is a chance for change.”