Although the daily number of vaccinations has decreased since last week, the mass vaccination programme is proceeding apace and in Lothian the number has now risen to one in five.

According to the Public Health Scotland report which was released today the number of people in Edinburgh who have received their first dose of vaccination is 165,771 which is an estimated 21.95% of the population in the city.

As at 7 February 2021 NHS Lothian reported that at least 123,536 people in Lothian had been vaccinated.

But this means that in terms of percentages NHS Lothian is doing worst out of all health boards in Scotland. The highest rate has been recorded in the Western Isles where 44.05% of the population have now received the first dose followed by Dumfries and Galloway where 48,710 people or 38.78% of the population have had theirs.

Care Home vaccination in Lothian is now complete. All residents eligible have been offered the vaccine. Those who could not be offered the vaccine during the first round of care home vaccination, either because they had Covid at that time or they were a close contact of someone else who had it at that time, or they were otherwise unwell will receive it during the rolling programme of continuous revisits which has now started.

People over 80 have received the first dose of the vaccine, except those who are housebound. The bad weather last week forced a temporary pause in some areas but NHS said that the over 80s who are housebound should have received their vaccine by 15 February 2021.

Over 53,000 Heath and social care staff have been vaccinated.

People aged between 75-79 and those most clinically vulnerable are now being given appointments at their GP practice.

People aged 70-74 are now being invited to mass vaccination centres and, in some cases, to smaller community venues for their injections.

The NHS Lothian drive-through mass vaccination centre at Queen Margaret University opened on 10 February and other vaccination centres will open at the Royal Highland Showground and elsewhere soon.

Miles Briggs MSP

Lothian MSP, Miles Briggs, said: “Mass vaccination centres in Lothian have really ramped up the number of people who have been vaccinated over the last fortnight.

“I am hearing very positive reports from over 70s and over 80s who have received their vaccination, about how efficient the process has been.

“The Army, Red Cross, NHS Lothian staff, GPs and others who have been involved in the process deserve a huge amount of gratitude for their hard work.”