Police Scotland have issued advice on vehicle security. If you have a garage “use it” and lock it. If you have gates ensure these are locked. Consider using an alarm for you garage and gates.

Leaving items on show is an invitation – Mobile phones, electronic equipment, coins, sunglasses, tools, clothing and bags should be removed from the vehicle or placed in the boot.

Keys and ignition fobs should be kept safe and out of sight and reach – a common way to steal a car or van is to take the keys or ignition fob, either when left in the vehicle or from your home through burglary

Always lock and close the windows of your vehicle when unattended – on the drive, the petrol station forecourt or when parking an unlocked vehicle is the easiest to steal or steal from. When away from home, consider using a Park Mark approved car park

Fit theft resistant number plate fittings – stolen number plates are commonly used to hide the identity of stolen vehicles. Use one-way clutch head screws to secure plates Use a steering wheel lock and/or a lock that fits over the gear lever. Alternatively a security box can be fitted over the pedals to prevent thefts when the vehicle is parked up

Double check: Listen out for the sound of your doors locking, lights flashing and/or mirrors closing. If you don’t hear or see this it make sure to double check

Fit a tracker: These devices can alert you when your car is active and if it’s travelling in a new area.