Police are advising householders to review the security of their home.

Do you keep your keys in view of a window?  If you have an alarm, do you use it, is it zoned? Have you recorded the serial numbers for your electrical equipment?  Are your valuables easily accessible?  Have you uploaded your photos to the cloud or onto a hard drive?

Here’s a few tips:

Ensure your locks are tested to British Standard or meet the needs of your insurance company.

Keep doors and windows locked.

Keep car keys secure and hidden. 

If you are out whilst it is dark, consider fitting light timers or leaving a light on.

Fit outside security lights, either motion senor or dusk to dawn. 

Window locks should be fitted where appropriate and used all the time.

Do not leave the key in the lock. 

Mark all the electrical equipment with an ultraviolet marker pen

At the front of the house hedges or trees should be trimmed or cropped so as not to provide cover for thieves.

Laptop computers and mobile phones are favourite housebreaking targets.  These should be locked away or removed from view. Add tracking software to smart phones, laptops and Ipads to aid in the recovery of these items

Consider investing in a safe or strong box for storage of cash and valuables.  A safe should be securely fixed to the fabric of the building and should only be used for short-term storage of cash.

Consider an intruder alarm system.  More info can be found here https://www.nsi.org.uk/ or https://ssaib.org/

Secure your shed and all tools (may be used to force entry).

Consider a shed alarm.

Consider joining Neighbourhood Watch

If you see anyone acting suspiciously contact the police immediately with a description of any person or vehicle involved.  Call 999 if an emergency or 101 to report the matter to the police.