Online@theSpaceUK from 8-31 January 2021

Our ingeniously adaptable creative friends at Online@theSpaceUK are about to launch a devilishly diverse cornucopia of diverse, titivating talents and pulsating, performative dexterity all the to pizza-crumb and crusted comfort of your lockdown-bound, sofa-cosy, laptop cathode-ray screen.

Bob-a-Job & The Whalers? Lockdown angst takes it toll.

With over 50 BRAND NEW shows, Online@theSpaceUK has just been renewed for a Second Season • Running 8-31 January 2021, Online@theSpaceUK Season 2 features over 50 shows from around the world • Brand new shows from creative companies & artists packed with plenty of Cabaret, Comedy, Film, Music, Spoken Word & Theatre.

All available online, completely free of charge, at