If you had a real Christmas tree then there are a couple of ways to dispose of it after Twelfth Night.

You can take your tree to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. They are open every day and you need an appointment before you go.

If you have no way of getting to the recycling centre then the council will collect it from the street.

Remove the stand or base, all decorations – and also cut it in half if it is over 6feet tall. Don’t use a plastic bag before putting it out for collection. Then check the collection day and ensure that the tree is on the kerbside by 6.00am on the designated day.

To find the correct day (and some of these dates are not until later in the month) use this page here on the council website.

And if you do have transport to take your tree to Cammo then it can be turned into habitat for wildlife.

If you have a Christmas tree that you have finished with why not turn it into habitat in Cammo Park. The Friends bring…

Posted by Friends of Cammo on Saturday, 2 January 2021
Christmas Tree Mound. Photo: © 2020, Martin P. McAdam www.martinmcadam.com