Linsay who owns the Art & Craft Collective has some great gift ideas from the stock in her shop.

The Art & Craft Collective has been on Causewayside since August 2017 to provide a shop window and an opportunity for emerging artists to show and sell their work.

When the shop opened they stocked the work of just 24 artists and crafters and now they have the work of over 60 artists both here in Scotland and from abroad.

Linsay was able to pinpoint just a couple of things in the huge inventory in her wee shop that might tempt you to buy as Christmas gifts. She explained that while they used to depend on tourists and those staying in AirBnBs nearby, but they have found that their local clientele has continued to support them.

Here is the latest episode of our podcast talking to Linsay about her shop and some of the latest things for sale – one of which just arrived this morning and would make the perfect stocking filler at just 35..

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And here are the keyrings that Linsay talks about in our chat:

A sketch from the Edinburgh Sketcher whose work you will find at Art & Craft Collective