Christine Jardine, Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, has called on The Scottish Government to publish evidence of why Edinburgh and the Lothians are remaining in Level Three to explain to communities why the restrictions apply despite falling numbers.

Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday that some areas, including Fife were moving up to Level Three, while The City of Edinburgh and the Lothians, which had some people had expected to drop to Level Two would remain in Level Three – the second highest level on the Scottish Government’s alert system. Nowhere in Scotland is in Level Four at present.

The First Minister has said the situation will be monitored but Ms Jardine said the community deserves an explanation of the criteria which has placed the city and surrounding area in Level Three.

She said:“We all understand the need for caution but people deserve to be kept better informed and to be able to understand why decisions that affect their lives and in some cases businesses are being taken.

“People see reports that the figures are falling and think there will be good news, but then nothing changes and they are left wondering why.

“What I would ask is that the First Minister recognises that disappointment and explains to people, who are following the rules and doing their best why she has not lifted the restrictions on them even slightly.”