Easter Road, Tynecastle and Ainslie Park could be used as part of a Scottish vaccine programme to ensure the fastest-possible national roll-out.

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said that clubs were “ready, willing and able” to assist the NHS and other public bodies by making their facilities available for the mass-vaccination scheme.

He said: “All the arguments in favour of bringing back fans safely, outdoors and socially distanced, are exactly the same reasons why our clubs are uniquely placed to help with the roll-out of the national vaccination programme.

“We have 42 stadiums spread throughout the country, with transport links, parking facilities, expertise in handling crowds and plenty of space to ensure social distancing. Everyone knows where their local stadium is located and, with 5 million attendances each season, people are very familiar with how the grounds function.

“We are still awaiting a response from the First Minister to our request for an emergency meeting, and this is one of the topics we would be very keen to discuss.

“Having taken soundings from club chairs, I can tell you there is enormous enthusiasm to play our part in this vital national effort. Football clubs are at the very heart of their communities and are already doing so much, despite their own enormous financial pressures, to support health and wellbeing programmes locally.

“It makes perfect sense for us to have dialogue with the First Minister on this topic, as well as the overwhelming arguments for bringing back fans in a safe and secure manner, as they have announced in England.”