Police have issued advice to anyone who loses a dog.

Community Officer PC Catherine Lowe who is based at St Leonards Police Station said: “ What would you do if you lost your dog? Would you contact your vet? would you put a post on social media? Would you tell your neighbours? Would you put posters up? Would you check sheds and garages near where you saw them last?

“You could do all of these things but most important is to call the police on 101 and let us know.

“If a dog is found and handed to us, the first thing we do is check our system to see who has reported losing a dog.

“We can then have you reunited in no time.

“If we have no corresponding report of a lost dog and the dog is not microchipped we have no way of knowing where the dog lives.

“This means there will be a delay in getting your dog back home and with you so remember if you do lose your dog call 101.

“If you find a dog call 101. It’s not the time of year for our little friends to be outside.”