The UK needs the new Beveridge style vision for the Covid crisis which Universal Basic income would provide according to the Liberal Democrats.

Christine Jardine MP for Edinburgh West and Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesperson told MPs at Westminster today that an estimated 4.5 million people live in poverty. She pointed out that 3 million people are excluded from any financial support evidence that the current system is failing.

The Liberal Democrats adopted the introduction of a UBI as party policy at their Autumn Conference in September 2020.

After the debate Ms Jardine said: “With every passing day and every phone call from someone who is coping without support in this crisis I become more convinced that UBI is the way to stop people falling through the cracks in our support system.

“Too many people who are self- employed, caters or low paid are being left behind in this crisis and need the support UBI would offer.

“We  must be willing to take on this  challenge to change society for the better.

“Beveridge’s vision of the welfare state was brilliant for the 20th century but we need something new, radical and progressive for the 21st and I firmly believe UBI is that.”