Clean Air Day takes place today to draw attention to the effects of air pollution on the health of people living in the UK.

According to The World Health Organisation and the UK Government, poor air quality causes heart and lung disease, is linked to low birth weight and children’s lung development. It is believed it could contribute to mental health issues.

The campaign is the largest UK campaign which usually takes place on the third Thursday in June, but was postponed during the pandemic. This year as with everything else it will be virtual, and the organisers are keen to point out that social distancing is no barrier to taking action.

This is also Walk to School month and the campaign has been extended to indoor air quality too this year, given that all of us have spent so much time inside.

Schools, communities, businesses and the health sector are brought together to improve public understanding of air pollution, to build awareness of how air pollution affects health and to explain the easy actions everyone can take to tackle air pollution, help to protect the environment and health.

Last year over 3,700 organisations and hundreds of thousands of individuals took part in 614 events.

Read more here and get involved.