Police Scotland have issued the following advice on the security of motorcycles.

Ensure your bike is fitted with a combined alarm and immobiliser which will deter thieves when the alarm sounds.

Attach both a disc lock and U-lock. Do not rely on one device, The more security placed on your bike, the less attractive it is to a thief.

Try to park under street lights

When applying your locks, ensure they are secured to a solid anchor point or a permanent piece of street furniture. Keep the lock off the ground where possible as this makes it difficult for the thief to remove.

Cover your motorcycle and ensure the cover is attached to the security device.

Where possible use ‘Thatcham’ or ‘Secure by Design’ approved devices. These have been tested by the industry and are generally agreed to be Some of the most robust security devices available.

 Ensure you always activate the steering lock.

Avoid leaving your helmet or other possessions on the motorcycle, in luggage space or panniers.

Be vigilant, ensure that you are not being followed home and check for suspicious items attached to your motorcycle.

Social Media

Think about what you share on any app. and regularly review your security settings – Make sure your posts do not identify your home and make it a target.

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices are an effective covert security measure. Although they may not prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, it will assist Police in tracing and recovering the vehicle quickly.

Marking and Identification Systems.

Datatag ID – Datatag is a piece of technology which can be attached to various parts of your motorcycle. It comes in different forms, dependent on what is most appropriate and is unique to each individual. For more information on this product, please visit www.datatag.co.uk

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