The Hibernian Community Foundation Football Fans in Training FFIT course starts next Monday but will now take place online following yesterday’s announcement on new restrictions due to the coronavirus.

FFIT is Europe’s leading healthy lifestyle programme, powered by football clubs in a number of different countries across the continent. The programme was born in Scotland where it continues to have a hugely positive effect as thousands of participants from the last decade can attest.

Open to both men and women (delivered via separate programmes), FFIT provides football fans with an opportunity to become healthier, lose weight, and become happier at the same time.

Men and women aged 35-65 with a waist of 38 inches or a belly size of 40 inches are invited to participate.

The 12-week programme (plus a ‘week zero’ session) aims to help participants:

Increase knowledge of diet & nutrition

Improve lifestyle choices

Increase physical activity amongst participants

Reduce weight and waist measurements

Increase engagement in other physical activity

The programme was created by the SPFL Trust in partnership with the University of Glasgow. It is funded in Scotland, by the Scottish Government.

The next course starts on Monday28 September and ends on Monday 21st December.

Courses can be booked on the Hibernian Community Foundation website.