Christine Jardine, the MP for Edinburgh West and the party’s Treasury Spokesperson, has called on the Government to do more for the whisky industry in the face of the huge increase in US tariffs.

It was revealed that since the introduction of the tariff the Scottish whisky industry has witnessed a 32% drop in its exports to the US.

Since October 2019, single malt Scotch whisky exported to the United States faces a tariff of 25%.

The tariffs were signed off by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), under whose rules the UK would be expected to trade with the EU if the country leaves without a deal.

Speaking in Parliament, the Liberal Democrat MP said:“Warm words are not enough for the Scottish whisky industry and the government’s deflection to the EU is shameful.

“Edinburgh West is home to the world headquarters of Diageo, the producer of some of the best-selling spirits in the world.

“Around $440m of their revenue will be affected by these tariffs so the UK Government needs to be doing everything they can to protect an already struggling industry.

“But it’s not just in my constituency, but in every constituency across Scotland have been directly impacted by these tariffs.

“With the Autumn budget coming up in the next few months, we need to see a comprehensive agreement which includes a commitment to remove tariffs on Scotch Whisky to the US immediately.

“This is our time to show, unequivocally, that we stand with the Scotch whisky industry by offering real support.”