Edinburgh & East Lothian Doors Open Days 2020 will be held on the 26 and 27 September 2020.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 public health emergency, the Cockburn Association who organise these, has decided that there will be no physical access to buildings this year.

Doors Open Days is now a digital festival that will still allow you to ‘visit’ the buildings you love. Usually, Doors Open Day is an opportunity to explore some of Edinburgh’s architecturally and culturally significant buildings – all for free. From heritage landmarks to the city’s newest architecture, the day offers free access to properties that are either not usually open to the public or would normally charge an entry fee. The event also offers everyone a chance to find out more about the capital’s public buildings.

During the lead up to the big day the Cockburn is holding online conversations and there are details of how to join in here:

All venues feature behind the scenes tours, activities, exhibitions and/or talks which bring the history of the building and its everyday use to life. 

We have had some lovely visits in previous years to the courts, St Stephen’s Church and several other churches which are normally only open for worship. A favourite was a visit to St Cecilia’s Hall just after it had been renovated.

And for children there is a real highlight in going through the Lothian bus wash on Annandale Street.

If you are in a position to help the Cockburn Association fund the day then there are details of how to make a donation here.

St Cecilia’s Hall