University of Edinburgh students work has been published in a comprehensive anthology from the Covid-19 period.

Leslie Grollman, Alex Penland, Lena Kraus and Haylie Bernier, MSc Creative Writing Students from the University of Edinburgh, took to literature to raise money to support the NHS and other frontline services.

Together: an Anthology from the Covid-19 pandemic published by Otermans Institute consists of 444 pages of heart-warming stories, poetry and personal experiences from the pandemic.

With contributions from 75 authors and 75 artists including Leslie Grollman, Haylie Bernier, Lena Kraus, Julie Guillermina and Alex Portland, it has been described as a “beautiful archive of our troubled times” by Dr Avishek Parui, the author of Postmodern Literatures. 

All four students are a part of the team who manage and contribute to From Arthur’s Seat, which is a collection of poetry and short prose covering numerous topics. This work was chosen from hundreds of submissions from all over the world.

Leslie Grollman, the Poetry Editor, is a publishedpoet whose work features in Nailed Magazine, Thimble Literary Magazine, Pathos Literary Magazine, Spark and Write Like You’re Alive Anthology 2016 and 2018. Alex Penland, the Events Manager, writes poetry, science fiction, young adult fiction and is the author of The Letter Mage Serial.  Lena Kraus is the Editor-in-Chief, who is a writer and literary translator who mostly writes realistic fiction. Haylie Bernier is one of the Poetry Editors and has long term goals of publishing her works of writing in a variety of genres. 

Now available globally on Amazon,Together: an Anthology from the COVID-19 pandemic is directly raising funds to support local NHS charities and local frontline services who are still looking after coronavirus patients. The curators of the book, Dr Pauldy Otermans and Dev Aditya, have stated that “they will not be taking back the money they invested in making this massive publication possible”, and all funds raised through the sale of this book on Amazon will be donated to the NHS and other frontline services.

Professor Derek Hughes, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Aberdeen said: “This brilliantly conceived (and beautifully illustrated) anthology is a moving celebration of human fellowship and solidarity in a time of plague and isolation.”
This project should be successful in donating a significant sum to local hospitals in Edinburgh. Already Top 21 in the UK, the anthology has already been sold in nine countries.

Readers can support this fundraiser by purchasing a copy on Amazon