Former Hibs’ captain and manager John ‘Yogi’ Hughes has selected a side containing XI of his greatest team-mates.

Yogi is the latest player to take part in the feature on BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound and he selected his team mates from Hibs, Celtic and Falkirk, naming Russell Latapy as the ‘best out of them all’ and describing Franck Sauzee as an ‘absolute gem.’

His XI are listed as follows: Goalkeeper – Gordon Marshall He said: “When I went to Celtic, Pat Bonner and Gordon Marshall were joisting but the pass-back rule was coming in and big Marsh could handle it. He had this wee seven iron and could float passes into players. He was really good with the ball at his feet and was a real good goalkeeper, underestimated.”

John Hughes

 Right-back – Jackie McNamara “Young Jackie came into Celtic a week after me and it was just like a duck to water. You would have thought he had been there for years. He played right-back, but more like a right winger. Fantastic.”

Centre-backs – David Weir & Franck Sauzee “You can’t keep David Weir out. He’s just a class above. He came over from the American college system to train at Falkirk and within two days I remember saying to the gaffer, “he’ll play for Scotland”. A real good footballer. He looked after himself, he was a real good professional.

“Franck Sauzee was some player when he came to Hibs. He must have been some player earlier in his career. What a footballer he was. We played Hearts in the derby and we won the game in the tunnel because all their French players were just looking at this guy in awe. He knew what it was all about in Scotland, too. There was no messing about. An absolute gem.”

Left-back – Tom Boyd “I played centre-half with Boydy at Celtic. Different class, really quick, strong runner. When you saw him play for Scotland in that left-back role, it was non-stop. Always had a great engine on him. He was a winner, too.”

Right wing – Kevin McAllister “He was like Jimmy Johnstone. You just gave him the ball and he took it a run. Tough as nails, loved it. What a footballer. A Falkirk hero, a legend.”

Centre midfield – Paul McStay & John Collins “When I went to Celtic, Paul McStay was injured. He rehabbed well, came back and as soon as he stepped on the training pitch, he was just unbelievable. He just conducted it, wanted to get the game going all the time.

“John Collins had a wee bit more going forward. If you look at the goals that he scored, unbelievable. Single-minded, knew what he wanted, really fit. Had a fantastic career.”

Left wing – Paolo Di Canio “He was different class, Paolo Di Canio. What a character he was. He was an absolute screwball but a good screwball. You just endeared yourself to him. Ripped – what a physique on him and what a trainer. An absolutely outstanding footballer.”

Forwards – Russell Latapy & Mo Johnston “Russell Latapy was the best out of them all. The technical ability that that wee guy had was unbelievable. He used to nutmeg me for fun every day. He was outstanding and he could just unlock the door. Anything he could do with his right foot, he could do with this left foot.

“What a trainer Mo Johnston was. He was non-stop. What a striker he was. Fantastic in the air, left foot, right foot, movement – different class.”