Have you seen a white van like the one in the photo below? If you have, then please report it to the police.

The van was stolen from outside the owner’s flat in Shaw’s Street, Leith.

And although the van is precious, what was inside it is even more so.

Rowan Gillis has spent a lot of time over the last few months making new doors for the kitchen in the flat he shares with his partner Rosie Alison.

The thieves who took his van have gone off with the doors too. Rosie told us: “Rowan is really sad after all the hard work he put in.”

Of course the thieves may well have dumped the doors or even just tried to sell them to someone. An eye witness said that the thieves were two middle aged men driving a blue pick up truck.

The stolen vehicle is a white Ford Transit Courier registration YE66 VMJ with small black roof rails. It has a distinctive wooden bulkhead between the front seats.

Two of the doors look like those in the photo. The other four are slightly bigger and one of those is white. They are all painted plywood.