As Edinburgh remains under lockdown, it is perhaps only natural to develop a case of cabin fever as the quarantine period continues.

Whilst other countries in Europe have already begun opening shops and other local businesses, Scotland and indeed the whole of the UK are still waiting for life to return to normal.

If you are experiencing a bit of boredom or cabin fever as we approach our third month at home, we have provided you with a short list of activities that you can do which will hopefully be able to cure your boredom until we are allowed more freedom again.

Play Football Manager

Football fans are missing their beloved sport. Although professional football leagues in the majority of European countries have been doing their utmost in resuming the seasons again, the SPFL decided to end the Scottish football season early. The Scottish league places were determined on a points per game ratio from when the league began up until 13 March. Unfortunately, Edinburgh clubs did not fare too well, with Hibs ending the season in seventh, and Hearts who were relegated.

If you are a Hibs or Hearts supporter, then why not see if you can fare any better by playing Football Manager. Football Manager is a management simulator game series that has been running since 2005. You can become the manager of almost any professional football team in the world. Do you think you would be able to turn Hibs into Scottish Premier League champions? If you are good enough and dedicated enough, you could maybe make Hibs or Hearts into the champions of Europe.

Football Manager 2020 was available as a free download when the UK lockdown first began, however this offer has since ended. But, you can still play the demo for free! If you are missing football and you are looking for a project to help you kill some time, then Football Manager will be able to offer you hours upon hours of football entertainment.

Read a book or listen to an audiobook

If you have ever put off reading due to lack of time, then you have no excuse not to read now. Reading allows us to talk to people in history, it provides us with incredible amounts of knowledge not found anywhere else. Although in this age of technology, reading can sometimes be seen as mundane or even daunting, we can almost guarantee you that there will be a book out there that you will enjoy. The book shops in Edinburgh may be closed but online booksellers are still delivering to homes in Scotland, sometimes by bike. You can also order a Kindle which will allow you to download and read as many books as you wish.

Audiobooks offer the opportunity to be able to listen to someone else read a book to you. These are often a great option if you have other chores to do around the bath. Many audio books are available. If you are a fan of J.R.R Tolkien then you will know that on VE day, Andy Serkis (Gollum voice actor) gave a live audiobook reading of The Hobbit. Although it is too late to catch the whole reading, you can listen to arguably the best chapter of Serkis’ performance on YouTube – Riddles in the Dark.

Learn to become a great cook

Brunch in Edinburgh may no longer be available but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Why not make your own brunch? You can find thousands upon thousands of free brunch ideas and meal recipes online that will guide you through exactly how to make a world class plate of food. Cooking will always be an important skill to have in your repertoire and everyone around you from your friends and family to potential first days will appreciate a good cook.

Like any skill, sharpening your cooking skills requires practice and experience. If you can’t make a particularly appetising soufflé at first attempt, by the fifth time of asking you may have perfected your technique. You will then be able to offer your lockdown partners a delicious dessert option. You will not ever regret learning how to become a better cook. 

Casino Games

Whilst local Edinburgh casinos, Genting, Grosvenor and Admiral remain closed, you do still have the option of playing at UK casinos online. While you must ensure that you are gambling responsibly, casino gaming can be an exciting way to pass the time and also win money. All of the games that you can usually find down at your local casino you will also find at a UK online casino too. 

One such UK casino that can offer Scottish casino players the chance to play their favourite games is This is not recommended to anyone who has ever had an issue with gambling in the past, but it is useful to know about if you are a regular casino goer in Edinburgh.

Casino gaming does not mean playing mindless and repetitive slots. Blackjack and poker, which can both be played online, are games that require skill and critical thinking. Play responsibly and ensure that you are playing at a safe online casino. PlayFrank is recommended as safe and they are accredited by the UK Gambling Commission

The choice is yours

We have provided you with several different ways in which you can occupy yourself with during lockdown. If you have any suggestions that we can add to our list, or if you just want to let us know how you have been occupying yourself during the last couple of months, let us know through our Twitter or Facebook pages! 

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