June Peebles, CEO of Edinburgh Leisure explains a little more about the business which she heads up, and puts a few misconceptions to rest.

She explained: “Many of you will be familiar with our venues but there’s a lack of understanding by some about who and what we are.

“Many people refer to us as the ‘Council gyms’ but we’ve operated as a separate organisation for 21 years.  Yes, the Council are our main funder, helping us to offer a range of services to the people of Edinburgh, to be active and stay active, but the majority of our income comes from our customers and partnerships with other organisations including the NHS, Macmillan and Baillie Gifford.

“Very few of the public know that Edinburgh Leisure is a charity, meaning that all the income we receive and any surplus is used to keep Edinburgh active. We’re so much more than our venues, offering a range of services for the people of all ages and stages to be active. 

“The media has reported on the risk of venue closures as a result of reductions to our funding from the Council. 

“I would like to reassure you that no venue closures are being proposed in the 2020/21 budget we are preparing for our Board. 

“For those of you who use and value Edinburgh Leisure’s services, thank you and I hope that you continue to use us as your support is so important. And for those that haven’t, come and give us a try. 

“We have a lot to offer, including: a warm welcome and support and advice to help you enjoy moving with us. And, remember – moving is good for us all.”