Edinburgh Airport said today they are putting their ‘consolidation plan’ in place.

This means that parts of the airport will be closed off along with food and beverage outlets. The demand for flights has reduced dramatically in recent days, and there was already a small drop in passenger numbers during February 2020. In the near future the airport may have no passengers at all.

Their plan will they hope protect as many jobs as possible without closing the airport fully. They want to be able to react after the coronavirus outbreak and resume full operations.

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport said: “This is an unprecedented time not only for the aviation industry but for everyone as we all do what we can to ensure the health of ourselves and of those around us. For us, that includes the health of our airport. Our plan is based on keeping the airport open throughout and being there for those people who are still travelling and those staff members who are making that travel possible.

“We’re in a situation which is ever changing and as more countries enforce travel bans or special measures then it stands to reason that airlines will feel that impact and airports then feel that pain too. Unfortunately, that is happening now and we are trying to mitigate as best as we can and steer the airport through this situation in preparation for what comes next – and that is the biggest unknown in all of this.

“The airport is a facilitator of many things, that is our main role. Yes, we transport people around the world but it’s what those people bring that is the true value – they are our inward and outward tourists, they are our business leaders, they are our students and lecturers, they are our scientists and researchers. All of these things are important in the wider Scottish economy and we are doing what we can to ensure we are ready to return towards normal when the time comes.”

The airport says that announcements from the UK and Scottish Governments on financial support for the sector through this situation are welcome.

Gordon added: “We welcome the collaboration there has been with both governments at this critical time but we will need continued support to ensure that the aviation industry is able to play its part in the country’s economic recovery.  Along with other UK airports, we ask both governments to come together and show unity and support with the industry to help us weather this storm and come out of it still standing and ready to move forward again.”

Gordon Dewar CEO of Edinburgh Airport taking questions from journalists at the launch of the new Emirates route PHOTO ©2018 The Edinburgh Reporter