Almost 84 years since the DC Thomson comic strip was first created, the much-loved Scottish Sunday Post icon is adapted for the stage by Scott Gilmore and Claire McKenzie.

When Wahid (Eklovey Kashyap) is encouraged to read one of Our Wullie’s ancient Annuals, the character along with his pals Wee Eck (Grant McIntyre) and Soapy Souter (Bailey Newsome) are transported through time from Auchenshoogle.

At first, it comes across as a Back to the Future type adventure with Wullie’s bucket taking on mystical powers when Wahid embarks on an adventure to help his new friends get back to Auchenshoogle.

Aside from time-travelling escapades the musical takes on more serious issues such as racism and bullying in modern Scotland. Martin Quinn as Wullie is made for the role, behind a blonde-shock of punky hair, a striking long-sleeved red shirt and dungarees.

He brings the right amount of mischief and salt-of-the-earth goodness to the role while his nemesis Basher McKenzie (Leanne Traynor) is the perfect comic menace.

There are several laugh-out-loud moments, Ann Louise Ross does a memorable turn as PC Murdoch chasing Wullie and his pals across the stage. Shoulders of all ages were heaving with laughter throughout.