A RETIREMENT development in Gorebridge has been selected to take part in the Co-Op Local Community Fund Project.

Bield’s Emily Court in Gorebridge will benefit from a 1% donation when members of the Co-Op choose it as their preference when buying own-branded items.

The funds raised will be invested into building an outdoor space for tenants and local community groups to use.

Susan Hamilton, Retirement Housing Manager at Bield, said: “We were thrilled to hear that our application had been successfully selected to be part of the Co-Op Local Community Fund.

“Our tenants are really looking forward to the garden refurb and have come together as a development to make sure the maximum amount of funds can be generated.

“We have different community groups using our communal indoor facilities but we would
love this to be replicated in our outdoor space.

“The local nursery children visit on a weekly basis and do activities with the tenants as well as a local ‘Pathways to Success’ group with teenagers from the area. We want to open up the space to any local groups who would find it beneficial.

“We really hope that people in store and online will choose to support us.”

Recreational areas within Bield developments are important as tenants are encouraged to live as independently as possible – so facilitating an area where they can walk and get fresh air within a safe environment is key.

Caryn Innes, with Bield, said: “It is great to see Emily Court being awarded this significant community fundraising opportunity.

“The project will help the development refurbish the outdoor area into a safe accessible zone where it can be used at maximum to benefit the tenants and local community.

“It is extremely important to have a recreational area which can be enjoyed by our tenants, staff and those visiting the development.

“The Co-op’s Local Community Fund is an amazing way for us to fundraise as it encourages interaction within the local community – we feel very lucky to have been chosen.”

When Co-op members buy selected products or services from the Co-op they earn a 5% reward for themselves, with a further 1% going to local causes like Bield, designed to make a difference in local communities by protecting and improving community spaces.

Co-op members can choose a cause by going online at: www.coop.co.uk/membership. If you’re not a member and would like to support Bield, you can join at your local store or online at www.coop.co.uk.

Bield has been providing high quality housing and related services for older people in Scotland for nearly 50 years, promoting a ‘Free to Be’ ethos that allows older people to live independent lives with assistance available when required.

To find out more about Bield and its developments, visit www.bield.co.uk or follow on Facebook
@bieldhousingandcare and Twitter @BieldScotland.