Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre had a special visitor this morning as Santa Claus popped in to deliver a Christmas post box so that kids can send him their letters. 

29th November 2019 – The ‘Tots & Tea at the DNC’ group have setup a Christmas post box where children can write to Santa and receive a personalised reponse. Santa and his Elf were on hand to deliver the post box to the centre on Friday. PHOTOS Thomas Brown

From Monday, children can send letters to him at the North Pole, and they will get a personalised response from the man himself. 

Letters can be posted from Monday until 13th of December at the special box inside the centre. Kids can then go in and collect their responses and maybe even a little treat from the Christmas tree in the centre between 16th and 18th of December. 

The box was organised by the ‘Tot’s and Tea at the DNC Group’ who meet in the centre each week. As well as this they have organised a range of family fun activities throughout December. The cost of sending a letter is £2.