The Labour Party have sacked Frances Carmel Hoole, their candidate for the 2019 General Election in Edinburgh South West.

This consitituency was for a long time a Labour seat held by former Chancellor Alistair Darling. Labour came third in the last election in 2017.

The sacking by the Labour NEC appears related to Ms Hoole’s conduct and particularly comments, or a meme which she began on Twitter. This was directed against the SNP candidate and former MP, Joanna Cherry QC who deemed it threatening.

Ms Cherry said this morning:”While it took time for Labour to act – they have reached the right decision in sacking their election candidate. Her abusive behaviour fell far short of what the public would expect of someone wishing to represent the people of Edinburgh South West. 

 “Labour has no prospect of winning here. This seat is a straight contest between a pro-Brexit Tory and the SNP. I will continue to work hard and fight for my constituents to stop Boris Johnson, stop Brexit and protect Scotland’s right to choose its own future.”

Ms Hoole has confirmed on Twitter that she has removed the offending posts, but it seems to have been too late for her continuing as a candidate. Here is what she said :

In Edinburgh South West the other candidates so far are Joanna Cherry (SNP), Tom Inglis (LibDem), Ben Parker (Green) and Callum Laidlaw (Conservative).