Abi Newton, the vice-chair of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), will be in Edinburgh on Friday to speak at the inaugural Women in Beer Festival (WIB Fest) from October 10 to 13, organised by the local women who beer group, Beers Without Beards.

She will be on a panel speaking about cask ale and will also take part in a workshop about sexism and sexual harassment in drinking places.

Abi said: “CAMRA’s decision to publicly ban beer with sexist marketing, messaging or imagery highlighted work that we’ve already been taking.

“Making that action public sends a clear signal that CAMRA fully condemns any action or behaviour that makes people feel unwelcome or uncomfortable at a beer festival, pub, bar or place of work.”

Amelie Tassin, founder and organiser who is pictured with Aidy Fenwick co-organiser (left), said: “I asked CAMRA to join the panel following the coverage of their sexist ban in August.

“Times are changing and we want to amplify the amazing work that women in beer are doing and create role models to help redress the gender balance.”

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about beer from introductions to beer styles, home brewing, off flavours and more.

A portion of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the charity partner Scotland Women’s Aid.

Tickets can be bought on the Beers Without Beards website at www.beerswobeards.com

Setting Up A Brewery
Thursday 10th October 5pm – Salt Horse
Dreaming of opening your own brewery? Our panel of brewery owners will discuss the steps involved in setting up a brewery, the things they have learned, highlights and what they would do differently if they could do it all again.
All ticket proceeds will go to our charity partner.

Cask Ale
Friday 11th October 5pm – Monty’s
Ever wondered what it takes to make a great cask ale? What are the differences with a fizzy lager? Our panel of industry experts will discuss everything from recipe planning to serving a well conditioned cask ale and will also have a thought about the future of the traditional real ale.
All ticket proceeds will go to our charity partner.

Home Brewing
Saturday 12th October 12.30 (noon) – Campervan Brewery Tap Room
Think you’d like to try your hand at home brewing? Come and hear from some of the awesome people who are successfully brewing at home. Learn what you need to get started as a home brewer.
All ticket proceeds will go to our charity partner.

Strategy & Marketing In The Beer Industry
Sunday 13th October 4pm – Fierce bar
Want to know more about the impact of Marketing and Strategy in a brewery? How they reach new audiences? Create some hype? Learn from our panel of beer marketing gurus.
All ticket proceeds will go to our charity partner.

Introduction To Beer
Thursday 10th October 6.30pm – Monty’s
This is the perfect starting point for anyone eager to expand their beer knowledge. We will run you through the basics of brewing and the core beer styles.
Price include 5 x 1/3 of beers

Find Your Beer Style
Friday 11th October 6.30pm – Fierce Bar
Don’t consider yourself a beer fan? Or just want to try something new? We will help you find the perfect beer style by talking through similar profiles in the wine and cocktails you already enjoy.
Price include 3 x 125 ml of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and 3 x 1/3 of beers

Identifying Off Flavours
Sunday 13th October 2pm – Campervan Brewery Taproom
Ever wondered why your beer tastes like cardboard? Why your lager is sour? We will host a tasting to help you to identify the most common off flavours and what causes them.

TaP Takeovers:
Thursday 10th October: Mothership & Burnt Mill Brewery, Salt horse
Friday 11th October: Neptune & West Beer, Monty’s
Saturday 12th October (afternoon): Wooha & Stewart Brewing Campervan Brewery:
Saturday 12th October (evening): Marble, Nomadic & Stenroth, Stockbridge Tap
Sunday 13th October: Fierce by Nature & BWoB’S Collab, Fierce Bar