With just a month to go until 31 October when the UK should have left the EU, the SNP leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, has urged MPs from all parties to collaborate and take action to remove the Prime Minister from office, secure an election and prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The SNP Westminster leader has warned ahead of cross-party talks later today that with every day the Prime Ministerremains in office, the threat of an extreme Tory Brexit grows – and that in his view this runs the risk of in food shortages, reduced medicine supplies, and low-income families being disproportionately hit.

Parliament has voted to rule out imposing a no-deal Brexit and to seek an extension to Article 50 from the EU if a deal has not been reached by mid-October. The Prime Minister has repeatedly said he will not ask for an extension even as it appears increasingly unlikely he will reach an agreement with the EU.

Ian Blackford MP said: “With one month to go until the UK may crash out of the EU, I urge MPs from across the House of Commons to ramp up efforts and work together to get rid of Boris Johnson, secure an election and stop the threat of a disastrous no-deal Brexit.

“Cross-party action is now imperative to ensure the letter to secure an extension is not left in the hands of an unelected Tory leader and his cronies, who are determined to ignore the law and find a way round the Benn Act.

“The SNP has led the way in ensuring Brexit can be stopped and in bringing parliament back into action after the Tories sought to shut down UK democracy, and we will continue to work with all opposition MPs to stop the growing no-deal Brexit threat to Scotland’s economy, jobs, living standards and public services.

“It is time for the opposition parties to unite and show the leadership that has been severely lacking from the UK government – as recent events have shown, we simply can’t afford to leave Scotland’s future in Boris Johnson’s hands.”