How to break deadlock in business negotiations is a key issue and Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce host a breakfast meeting to open the door to success.

It is on Thursday, 29 August (8am to 10am) at the Mercat Grill at Whitecraig near Musselburgh and a spokesman said: “In business negotiations deadlock happens more often than you might think.

“Even the most promising looking deals can reach a deadlock on some issue, be it price, date, a term or any other point.

“A business deadlock happens when both parties are not willing to make concessions for each other and become stubborn on their stance.

“Deadlocks in business deals can prove to be expensive for both sides because each passing day means the opportunity cost of the delayed deal.”

Patricia Barclay of Bonaccord will talk to the audience about how to manage face-to-face negotiations and break deadlocks.

Contact Mia Gilchrist on 0131 603 5048 if you want to attend.