One of the directors of the country’s largest independent courier firms, Eagle Couriers, is celebrating 30 years of service during which he has
become a figurehead for the industry in Scotland.

Jerry Stewart, who is a co-director of Bathgate-based Eagle Couriers joined the firm in his thirties as a manager in the Eagle Glasgow Depot. His career has even included a gowning ceremony at the House of Lords, when he was inducted as a fellow of the Institute of Couriers.

Despite rising up the ranks to the point of being an integral part of a full management buyout in 2006, the courier boss never thought that he would be with the same company three full decades later.

Jerry said: “To be quite honest, I only joined in 1988 with a view of gaining a few years of experience doing something new. I certainly didn’t expect still to be here 30 years on!

“The industry was only really emerging and finding its feet. Eagle was a brand that really was there from start. But how different things were. We were still hopping on trains to do the back and forth runs between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“I’d come from a job working with HGVs and haulage and wanted to see what this fleet of foot industry was all about.

“Looking back we’ve had some unbelievable moments, transporting everything from aeroplane nosecones, to lost pigeons, to poisonous frogs.

“I am still amazed by the number of requests we get regarding our services. New courier requests pop up all the time.

“It’s great to be part of a developing company that plays a key role in all types of business.”

Over the last 30 years the Airdrie native has seen the company evolve, from the company’s MBO in 2006 to the takeover of THS Couriers last year.

He added: “There is a great amount of pleasure in being able to spearhead the growth of Eagle Couriers, along with Fiona Deas.

“I’ve also taken a lot of pleasure over the years in making the headlines. I had a famous run in with Halle Berry no less, who was filming in Glasgow resulting in roads being shut. The front page of The
Evening Times that day still makes me chuckle!

“Since then I’ve also welcomed and grilled some of Scotland’s Transport Ministers, including Humza Yousaf and Keith Brown, and
just three years ago I was a made a fellow of the Institute of Couriers,
attending a gowning ceremony at the House of Lords.

“It’s been an amazing ride and if I had to do it all again then I wouldn’t do anything differently.”

Eagle Couriers is Scotland’s leading courier firm with more than 34 years’ experience. More information about the company can be found at