Gilson Gray Property Services have set up a pioneering partnership with the UK’s fastest growing auction house in an initiative aimed at providing an additional – and potentially lucrative – marketing tool for house sellers.

The tie-up with Pattinson Auction will also involve Gilson Gray working with estate agents, letting agents, insolvency practitioners, house builders and property developers across Scotland to offer the opportunity of property auctions to their clients.

With its strong presence in the London property market, Pattinson Auction believe the new partnership has potential to open up the sale of Scottish homes to buyers and investors across the rest of the UK – connecting Scottish estate agents including those as far afield as The Highlands and Islands to buyers that they would not otherwise reach.

Matthew Gray, Managing Director of Gilson Gray Property Services, said: “We are delighted to work with Pattinson Auction who have a superb pedigree of delivering results for their clients.

“Property auctions bring a refreshing alternative to the traditional methods of selling. The option to sell for free will appeal to many particularly at a time of political uncertainty.

“Having access to an extensive and impressive range of investors, buyers and agents – particularly those from London and further afield who are very likely to have never been tapped before – will maximise the true potential of any property.”

Matthew added that as well as offering the service to its clients, a strong element of the partnership will be their aim to act as a go-between to introduce auction services to other estate agents, Letting Agents, house builders etc especially those in rural locations.

He said: “Auctions are an increasingly attractive option, especially for properties outwith the main cities who will not generally have the volume of viewings or interested parties. The service will also appeal to those who are struggling to sell their property and are looking to attract a more direct audience

“Selling at an auction can do just that; achieving a sale when that has not been the case for perhaps a considerable period of time.”

Justin Beckwith, Auction Director at Newcastle-based Pattinson Auction, said the link with Gilson Gray is key for the firm as it continues its expansion in Scotland.

He said: “Working closely with Gilson Gray will ensure the benefits of auction can be brought to many more clients.

“Sellers and agents will gain national exposure thanks to our network of partner agents. As we have been officially named the fastest growing auction house in the UK, our influence will only continue to grow.”

“Pattinson Auction offer a fast, secure method of buying and selling property and the option to sell for free.

“With over 25 years experience of selling property at auction, our experts are the best people to guide both customers and agents through the process.”

Using an auction process has significantly moved away from being seen as the option for ‘desperate’ sellers. With the peace of mind of a reserve price (the minimum price a property can be sold for) it offers a secure method of sale for sellers who want to have a committed purchaser and a fixed time scale for exchange and completion. Fixed timelines for completion are established prior to the sale to offer extra transparency and peace of mind.

Pattinson Auction has grown from one office with one man selling three properties to 29 offices across the North East of England with around 200 members of staff. As well as auction service, the firm we also have Estate Agency, Commercial, Survey, and Property Management Departments and are proud to be members of the RICS.