by Deidre Brock MP

By January I’m usually scunnered with dark nights and desperate for the warmth and optimism of Spring. This year, however, March 29 seems a bit too close for comfort, as this is the date when the unwanted beast of Brexit descends upon Scotland. It’s been casting its shadow for so long that it’s hard to believe the UK Government still stands so ill-prepared for what’s to come – they cannot even agree a plan amongst themselves let alone get anyone else behind it.

Things aren’t helped by Labour, the so-called official opposition having an utterly incomprehensible position themselves. Shamefully, Labour have enabled this shambles – they are acting as the midwives of a disastrous Brexit and should be held equally culpable.

Since day one the Scottish Government and SNP have been making a powerful case to keep Scotland in the EU, reflecting the clear vote and the best interests of this country, or to remain in the single market and customs union as an absolute minimum.

In no circumstances can I support a deal that will tear Scotland out of the single market, remove the rights of our citizens, destroy the economy, threaten our public services and make us all poorer.

Deidre Brock MP

A re-run of the EU referendum can be justified on the basis of the questionable conduct that taints the first result alone – the dark money, the breaking of electoral law and the untruths that were told. Failing that, I support a ‘people’s vote’ on the deal, giving other parts of the UK a chance to change their minds now we see what a bùrach it has become.