Studio Four
George Square Theatre
1615 hrs

LET’S be honest, this reviewer could listen to dialogue written by Roxy Dunn all day. It is snappy, sharp and incisive plus it makes you laugh.

In this two hander, Roxy Dunn and Joz Norris play a couple with a relationship less on the edge and more like drowning in sea of vagueness.

Judith tries to extract some form of commitment from Timmy but he isn’t really having it and ducks and dives like a latter day Hugh Grant. In fact you get the feeling that if there had ever someone who will write a Notting Hill for the millenial generation then it is Roxy Dunn.

There must be praise for Joz Norris who plays Timmy with natural diffidence as the young man child who needs to grow up. The emotionally retarded young man is not an original character but Timmy has an added poignancy, especially when you witness the final scene.

Viscera Theatre have a series of shows on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we heartily recommend them. If you like sharp scripts and pin-point characterisations then give all their plays a chance. You will not be disappointed.