A Courtroom Play
Pleasance Dome
1225 hrs

IF you want to see a play that has cracking one liners and superb sight gags then this is the play for you.

Alex Stone is a hotshot lawyer about to make partner, when an urgent call from an old friend drags her back to the town she thought she’d left behind.

All six actors star in a play that celebrates top gags and especially sight gags. The judge played by Thom Tuck, sounding worryingly like Boris Johnson, steals it and its aided and abetted by the scenery.

This reviewer is always impressed at how theatre groups manage to use such limited space. This performance not only has the six actors in a small stage but also manages to deliver a series of great sight gags.

Initially, you think this was going to be a serious piece but it seems to ditch that idea when it moves back to the country. Quite right do. The audience loved a play that worked so hard to entertain.

We sat in judgement of the Courtroom Play and found it guilty of being a hilarious and entertaining hour of humour.