2130 hrs

IRISH comedy rapper Abandoman played to a packed audience at the Assembly Underbelly in George Square.

The audience was absolutely up for this act and played their part in creating a great atmosphere however it was the skill and talent of Abandoman who made this a success.

The act in short is one man being given random subjects by the audience and rapping about it. But that feels like a massive oversimplification.

From the b of the bang, the audience was engaged and loved being involved as they threw out suggestions for song themes.

Never in a month of Sundays did you think you would hear a rap about traffic merging onto the new Queensferry Crossing but we did.

In many ways, Abandoman has rebranded audience participation. He also looks like he enjoys his work and enjoys being close up with his audience.

The finale was fantastic. It involved a man called Todd and an inflated condom. The audience left the theatre shouting “Go Todd Go”

You get the feeling that Abandoman could well be massive. His act has stadium potential. We look forward to following his future.