Gillian English presents She Wolf Voodoo Rooms – French Quarter Venue 68 Free Festival Aug 4-5 7-12 14-19 21-26 |10:10pm

     Award Winning performer/Comedian Gillian English debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

   Shakespeare wasn’t a god, he was just a man.

Gillian English in She Wolf

   His biases and prejudices are our biases and prejudices.

A show about Shakespeare’s propaganda concerning Queen Margaret of Anjou from 500 years ago to shine a light on where we are in the 21st century.

Daughter, princess, wife, queen, mother, warmonger, widow and crone… monster? Queen Margaret of Anjou – the original Cersei Lannister; model for Claire Underwood; a woman so cutthroat and cold she would make Lady Macbeth sh*t her pants. Only none of that is true and the way we view women in positions of power hasn’t changed much.

Margaret was a French Princess and an English Queen. Demonized in her time and mythologized through history, she has become more legend than lady. But who was Queen Margaret; where was the divide between personal and personal and political? ‘She Wolf’ is a comedic exploration of the infamous Queen as presented by Shakespeare in 4 monologues that laid the foundation for a mythical monster.

Age recommendation 16+

Selections of Previous Awards and nominations

Most Outstanding Performer, New Zealand Fringe 2018: She Wolf

Highly Recommended show, Fringe Review, Brighton Fringe 2018: She Wolf

Winner Best Script, Montreal Festival 2018: Giant and Angry

Nominee: Best in Fringe, New Zealand Fringe 2018: She Wolf

Nominee: Best Visual Design, Montreal Fringe 2018: Giant and Angry

Nominee: Best Comedy, Fringe World Perth 2018: Giant and Angry

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Venue: Voodoo Rooms, French Quarter, 19a West Register Street, EH2 2AA

Time:  22:10 Running Time: 60mins Dates: 04 – 26 August. No show Mon 6, 13, 20 August