Entropy: (noun) lack of stability or predictability; gradual decline into disorder

Sam, 19, with a confidence that borders on arrogance, turns up unannounced and unwelcome at Barbara’s door after an absence of many years. Barbara, 36 and living alone, is startled and unsettled as this spectre from the past demands admission.

This fast paced, lyrical drama is liberally laced with black humour. There is an obvious visceral mutual chemistry between Sam and Barbara that can only come from familiarity, but will that chemistry become a positive or poisonous force?

Sam and Barbara in Entropy

The conversation begins playfully as Sam plays games with (and on) Barbara but these
games gradually become more sinister. Their history erupts as family skeletons tumble from the closet in this emotionally charged two-hander.

As both characters display conflicting characteristics we are left to wonder what is true, what comes from false memories and what are simply lies?

The tension between the two builds to a crescendo before the finale reveals an unexpected and disturbing twist.

Barbara is played by Katharine Drury who has previously appeared in plays at Pleasance, Paines Plough Roundabout, Vault Festival and Old Red Lion amongst others with recent LAMDA graduate Lewis Bruniges as Sam.

Written by Jennifer Roslyn Wingate author of Unused Language; The Serpent and Other Stories and Love or Cold Philosophy, a Novella. Directed by Laura Clifford who has also worked with The Bread and Roses Theatre, The White Bear Theatre and Theatre503.

Age guide 14+

Venue: Underbelly, The Dairy Room, Bristo Sq (Venue 302)

Dates:  1-27 Aug (not 13)

Time:   19.15 (60 mins)

Tickets: £10 – £12 (previews 1 – 3 Aug £6.50)

Venue Box Office: 03333 444