At Blackwell’s Edinburgh South Bridge Gordon Lawrie’s new book The Blogger who Came in from the Cold will be launched on 12 June 2018. The free event will take place at 6.30pm at the bookshop which claims to be the oldest in Edinburgh.

Danny Marwick is a ‘blogger’ – he writes material to fill up catalogues and websites of firms looking to attract customers to buy their products. He’s by far the best in the world and his work is in great demand. Danny is also a singer-songwriter in an Edinburgh pub a couple of nights each week. But if his blogging is world-class, his song-writing is awful. So, too, is his love life.

One day he’s approached by a mysterious woman who offers him a lot of money to write holiday brochures for highly unlikely destinations. Somehow the two of them take to each other and she even encourages him to write some new songs. In no time at all, however, he’s caught up in a world of spies where nobody is quite what they seem, and he finds his life in real danger…

Booking details here.

On 28 June 2018 go along to Blackwell’s to celebrate the publication of The 1002nd Book to Read Before You Die, the latest offering by Glasgow author M.J. Nicholls.

Marcus Schott, sacked from serving succour to suckers and loans to losers, leaves the office life to luxuriate in literature. His plan is to read every title featured in Dr. Peter Boxall’s notorious compendium 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Motoring toward a small pre-purchased cottage on the Orkney Isles, Marcus soon encounters fatal hiccups in his scheme to compress a lifetime’s reading into three years. These hiccups include skittish librarian Isobel Bartmel, self-cauterising critic Raine Upright, and the unpredictable happenings of the characterless Orkney peoples, too long trapped in their bothies of banality, each pushing Marcus further from his ecstatic vision of total list completion.

A light comedy with a sunny paradisiac quality, rich in verbal virtuosity, Rabelaisian lists, and the occasional outburst of cheerful, cathartic violence, The 1002nd Book is the ultimate summer novel against summer novels: an anti-crowdpleaser with a tidy, cinematic plot that should please both crowds and all those thoroughly depressed by them. Booking details here.