In the last Riddles Court  Conversations, a Talk and Conversation with Annie Miller will explore the idea of a Fairer Scotland with a Basic Income.

Annie Miller, a former economics academic at Heriot-Watt University, and co-founder of the Basic Income Research Group, will explain what a Universal Basic Income is. It is increasingly being put forward as an answer to the failed benefits system of the welfare state and the loss of jobs to automation. But the question remains how could it work?

Miller will use economic data and will outline why the current system needs to be changed.

Her solution is to base society on a Basic Income and she will explain who would be eligible and how it would affect the rest of the welfare system.

She will also explain what it would take to reach such a system.

Tickets £8.50  including light lunch from

Time 12.15 – 2.30pm  Venue : Riddles Court 322 Lawnmarket