An award of £116,828 to Best Bib N Tucker CIC, based in Edinburgh, will bring the local community in Oxgangs together through a programme which is all based around recycling and upcycling clothes and furniture.

One of the very useful items that they make is a bib for adults. They make these out of very nice fabric and put a shirt collar on for men and lacy collars for women. They hope that this removes some of the stigma of wearing a bib for elderly or infirm people.

This group will use the welcome funds to continue providing a range of community activities centred around sewing, clothing and furniture upcycling. They also plan to expand their activities to include photography, computer classes and other activities as requested by group members.

To support this expansion of activities the group plan to relocate from the Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre to a shop-front location which will provide more space, more flexibility of hours and greater commercial opportunities.

Young and old will work together in workshops learning how to repair clothing and bedding or recycle them into other items such as shopping bags, aprons and table mats.

The National Lottery has awarded 18 groups across the country  a cash boost totalling £1,950,722.