Edinburgh Airport have issued this update at 13.45 :

Edinburgh Airport remains open and operating.  We have flown 31% of our schedule today.


We are currently scheduled to have departures up to 20:50 tonight.


Our expectation is that airlines will run full schedule tomorrow and we continue to work hard to make that possible.  We will be snow clearing throughout.


We remind passengers that both easyJet and Ryanair have cancelled operations for today.


Any passengers whose flights have been cancelled should not come to the airport. It is important that passengers only travel to the airport if their airline confirms their flight is flying.


Today remains challenging and there will be disruption.  We understand that the fluidity of the situation can be frustrating and we thank passengers for their ongoing patience and support.


Passengers can visit our website for a list of cancellations throughout the day.


Yellow weather warnings remain in place and the safety of our passengers and our staff is our priority.  We ask people to make safe decisions regarding their travel.