The perfect holiday read whatever your holiday destination is. If you have some suggestions then do tell us in the comments section below.

The Architect’s Apprentice – Elif Shafak; Tells the story of a young boy and his elephant as they navigate the treacherous political landscape of 16th century Istanbul, rising in the ranks and finding love. A sun-drenched historical novel full of intrigue, mysticism and romance, populated by larger-than-life characters, The Architect’s Apprentice balances precariously on the line between realism and fantasy. Your heart will race and it will break.

The Girl Before – J P Delaney; The Girl Before follows the stories of Emma and Jane, two women with dark pasts and curiously similar stories. A story of murder, manipulation and control unfolds around enigmatic architect Edward Monkford, the unifying thread between their parallel journeys. Engaging and complex, with multilayered characters and an unpredictable plot, The Girl Before will keep you guessing until the very last page. The perfect read while relaxing by the pool.

Goblin – Ever Dundas; This is a book about journeys, through time and space. Follow Goblin, the main character, as she grows from a traumatised child into a tough, defiant woman with hidden hurts. Goblin’s journey takes her through a world war, a circus, through war-torn Europe and sunny, indolent Venice. Read this while moving, on a plane, a train or a boat.

White Teeth – Zadie Smith; White Teeth is an ironic and irreverent tale of quiet desperation. Beautifully crafted, it follows a multigenerational cast of characters from decade to decade. At times tragedy, at times comedy of errors, White Teeth touches on race, isolation, love and loneliness, and the pain of breaking away from the stories written by our parents. Hike up a mountain with or read it sitting in a forest glade.

Essex Serpent – Sarah Perry; The Essex Serpent has been hailed as a modern classic, and for good reason. It’s an esoteric, whimsical book that joins the ranks of generations of Victorian and Gothic novels from Doyle to Shelley, all the while defying the very traditions these books have set down. The Essex Serpent follows the story of amateur naturalist and unconventional woman Cora Seaborne, as she tracks the legendary Serpent through the wilds of Essex. The perfect book to read as you sit in an overgrown garden, or while tramping through the heath.