Jayde Adams

Pleasance Beneath

2135 hrs

JAYDE Adams describes herself as a “difficult woman” and I doubt there are many people who would dare argue with her.

A quintessential larger than life figure, her packed out show begins with a play upon the Forrest Gump story and then takes a journey through her past, her present and a little glimpse into the future.

Jayde has a wonderful touch when she engages with the audience. The ten minute piece where a member of the audience sits on her bench was a delight.

Jayde uses stories from her life as a rich treasure trove as she keeps coming back to the “difficult woman” theme but you soon learn or appreciate that it simply means assertive and knows her own mind.

A multi-talented performer whose singing should not be under estimated. Her range of abilities should ensure that Jayde should have a long and varied career.