Scottish Dance Theatre return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a brand-new piece made for the company by star hip hop choreographer Botis Seva. Seva’s TuTuMucky has received rave reviews since its debut at Dundee Rep Theatre in February 2017. Tutu Mucky has also been selected as part of the 2017 Made in Scotland Showcase.

TuTuMucky blurs the boundaries between dance forms. The traditional conventions of ballet, contemporary, and hip-hop technique and challenged offering offer a distinctively innovative form of dance. It explores social order, structured lifestyles and hierarchies, peace within chaos and how important it is as human beings to find peace for ourselves. The result is a fresh, rhythmic, and explosive journey to places both familiar and strange set to an original musical backdrop by beat producer Torben Lars Sylvest.

To mark the arrival of Scottish Dance Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three dancers in brown/black tutus were put through their paces in front of one of Edinburgh’s iconic housing schemes LinksView House. Oscar Perez Romero and apprentice dancers Shannon Dray and Charlotte Mclean are currently rehearsing for TutuMucky which blends ballet, contemporary and hip hop technique.


TuTuMucky is one of three shows Scottish Dance Theatre are presenting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alongside Velvet Petal: Bedroom and Process Day. TutuMucky and Process Day are at Zoo Southside and Velvet Petal: Bedroom will be performed at Summerhall.

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