the Space @ Surgeons Hall

Dates: 4th-26th
of August, 2017

20:00 (4th-
12th), 12:00 (14th-19th), 13:05 (21st-26th)

£10 (£8 conc)

Venue Box
Office: 0131 510 2384

Strickland Productions
proudly presents

Strangers: A Magic Play II

and directed by Joe Strickland

Joe Strickland has always felt stranger than most people. At the age of 15 he realised that almost all magic shows were just sequences of unrelated tricks and wanted to change that, he went on to perform various routines incorporating magic into dramatic narratives.


With help from twelve years of experience performing and inventing magic, a
string of awards including being a finalist at the Magic Circle’s Young
Magician of the Year Competition and an invitation to perform at the
International Brotherhood of Magicians’ “Stars of Tomorrow” show, Strangers: A Magic Play II is the culmination of years of work blending magic with theatre, and into the 21st Century.


He has done this with a group of actors from the Nottingham New Theatre, none of whom knew magic prior to being cast in the show, and all of whom come together to help us understand how magic affects all of us, and to show that magic itself has the potential to be a much more powerful performance tool than previously.

Having performed last year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to great success, four brand new scenes have been created for this year’s festival. A homeless person given a magical gift by a mysterious stranger. A gambling addict battling with her addiction.


A political preacher giving their first sermon. A shopping channel presenter struggling to care about their job. In the same way that a musical blends theatre with music and lyrics, Strangers: A Magic Play II blends theatre with magic and illusion. Four separate stories are interwoven with magic to create an audience experience which challenges what we think and how we think about magic and performance.

Magic Is Dead. Long Live Magic.