In New Zealand there’s an issue that runs deep in rugby league teams, in Facebook groups between high school students, with a Prime Minister who believes it is his right to pull on waitresses pony tails.

In America they have a president who has bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy” without their consent. We’re not short of reminders that there is a problem with rape culture and the value of consent in our societies.

Presented at Assembly George Square from August 3 – 28, Jane Doe seeks to open conversation about these issues through the collective reading of a trial transcript from a rape case. Written and directed by Eleanor Bishop and led by performer Karin McCracken, the court case is interwoven with reflections about sexuality and consent from young people across America, New Zealand and now the UK, as well as providing participatory opportunities for the audience – volunteers stand in for lawyers and witnesses, and are invited to respond directly to the performance as it happens, through text messaging.

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