Barking up the right one? Out on a limb? Boughs to no-one? Nothing saps his strength. With ancestry going back to his roots in Treherbert Jamie Wood turns over a new leaf with this premier show. Surreally serious?

Following the success of Beating McEnroe and O No!; award winning, anarchic art clown Jamie Wood presents his new show I am a Tree. This show was inspired by a 150 mile walk in full pilgrim costume, and marks the third show in a triptych of one-man shows drawn from Jamie’s 17 year performance career. I am a Tree is about finding the courage and strength to stay when times are tough. It’s about listening to the world and finding the boldness to be whole. Jamie employs his signature blend of clowning and comedy to be daring, anarchic and playful.

He doesn’t bleat about the bush.

When Jamie is still for any length of time, someone finds him and tells him about their life. His girlfriend says this makes him like a tree that all dogs want to p**s up. A slow man tree. His Granddad taught him what he knows about listening. And now there’s a gap in his landscape. Last year he walked 150 miles from Coventry back to where his grandparents were born in Treherbert, to scatter his grandfather’s ashes and to look for what he’d lost. A homemade pilgrimage, returning to roots, slow motion time travel. This show is something else entirely. A dance party with ghosts, in a forest, in a theatre. A hopping ritual. An invitation to drink deep: to face the shadows that growl on your insides and laugh big. Hold on tight! 

 In the 1920s his grandfather was walking 7 miles every day, to work in 3ft2 dark and damp, digging for coal for little money, while surrealists contemplated the subconscious in the cafes of Paris.

Moving from South Wales to Coventry, Jamie’s grandfather talked of a move from surviving to living, and this walk was an attempt to go from living to surviving, to track his grandfather who died at 101, and to find where he found his courage and strength.

Tickets here 

Venue:  Assembly George Square – Omnitorium

Time: 18:25 Running Time: 70mins

Dates: Aug 14-20, 22-27

Tickets: Mon-Thu £10 or £9 Concession, Fri-Sun £12 or £11 Concessions

Bookings: Online here: or 0131 623 3030