Amsterdam captured in LEGO bricks and soon to be at New Lanark in an exhibition

Brick City has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors across the UK and now fans of LEGO®, young and old , will have the chance to see this exhibition at New Lanark World Heritage Site from 28 June to 9 August (10-5pm).

It is a celebration of some of the world’s favourite buildings and urban icons including The Colosseum in Rome, St Pancras Station in London and L’Arc De Triomphe in Paris recreated solely using LEGO Bricks all designed by Warren Elsmore, a professional LEGO® Brick artist.

The exhibition will include a display of over 60 fantastic models made from an estimated half-a-million LEGO® Bricks.

Within the exhibition area there will also be a self-led play area where visitors will be able to have fun building their own LEGO® creations within a set session time.

Visitors can also book to take part in one of the LEGO® Robotics Workshops using the latest LEGO® robotics technology to build and program amazing creatures that can move using motors, gears and wheels.